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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

London for Shopping

I see and heard some people go abroad just for shopping because there are so many discounts applied to various items on shopping store. And the discounts are a real discounts, unlike here, price are increased and then they put a label on it, says that the stuff are discounted. However the final price after discount applied will be the same as the price before increased!

Some people love go to London and visit Knightsbridge Shopping because it is within their destination. Also public transport in London is great and some says that it is one of the most affordable and reliable public transportation in whole world. You can easily reach London Airports because there are many trains to London from Airports, and to other destinations.

According to, aside of public transportation that is very affordable, London also has so many great hotels, take these pages as example: Knightsbridge Hotels London, Central London Hotels, London Paddington Hotels. For you that still unaware of website I mentioned above, it's a website that provides various hotel informations in all over the world, with an online booking features that will provide the most affordable hotels in their destination. The website also provides informations on public transportation, tourist destinations etc, including information on London Heathow Accomodation and London Gatwick Accomodation.

So if you would like to try London shopping sales, you better hurry!