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Monday, March 10, 2008

Because no one can predict future

There are ups and downs in life, there are days in life we gain so much money in our pocket but there are also days when we absolutely don't have anything left in our pockets, bank savings or home savings. Meanwhile in the same time we require instant money that needs immediate attentions because say .. sick of family member, accident other instances. Friends and families or relatives may be are the next people you can count on, but who's/what's next if they also don't have money or have nothing to offer?

That's why I keep saying to my wife that having hot sell item inside house is very important. Jewelry, gold, diamond and watch are hot item that can be sell instantly during financial emergency situations, especialy if there are no better options to be chosen. Jewelries are tend to have a stable price year by year (if it's not increasing), it small hence it does not need a big storage to keep and it is usually sold fast, just as fast as if we are selling motorcycle or cellular phone.

It's also very easy to sell jewelry, a lot of jewelry buyers and diamond buyers open their shop on down town, and just go to one of those buyer (or go to as many as buyers to take offers from as many as buyers) let them verify, and they will give offer for the jewelry. That easy.

There are also many online websites that offers buying-selling watches, jewelry, diamond etc. Steps that must be takes to sell the jewelry/watch/diamond also as easy as when we sell it offline direct to the market. One of the trusted selling-buying jewelry website write 3 easy steps on it, which are: get online quote, request pre labeled easy ship box and mail in the item, let them verify item and contact seller.

From my opinion, investing money in Jewelries, Watches and diamonds are a good option to backup your fund because noone of us can predict the future.