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Friday, March 28, 2008

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

I believe every parents love their children, and every family love their members. Also there's an old quote says that grandmother loves their grandchild more that she does to her own children, and I think this old quote may be true as I see how my mom's feeling to my kid.

Having a young kid sometimes need an extra attention, specially due the fact that a 5 years old kid's mind is different than 30 years old parents' mind. Parents want their kids to stay in sight, but sometimes kid disobey it and go to elsewhere place that force parents to find it instantly, it's not a game at all. I myself sometimes want to have a surveilance camera around my tiny house, just to keep my kid in my sight.

Somewhere on the net I also read that in US there's a child missing in every 40 seconds, and this fact is not so good for me as parents, although I live far away from US but definitely we need to prepare the unexpected, because child safety is something we are always aware of!

Speaking about to prepare the unexpected, on my surfing later this day, I found a great gadget that is designated to help parents find their child and reduce the amount of time that a child is away from home, it's truly a well designed system for storing children's critical informations, such as: photos, fingerprints, dental records, identifying marks, dna analysis reports, biographical info. A fully automated missing child poster that can be printed, or distributed electronically via email when a parents activates an alert, is only a fraction of Child Alert System kids which you can buy via

With this system, missing children reports will be generated instantly based on parents alerts, and it will increase chance to find the children because informations about him/her are generated automatically and spreaded instantly via website and email along with child id.

It's not only single child locator, but there are many eyes will look after them automatically if the child is not coming home in a certain given time and parents initiates the alert!