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Friday, March 21, 2008

Education: a Long term investment

My parents are well educated persons, they are all graduated from reputable universities, both of them hold MSc title. Being son of well educated parents make me aware that good education is a long term investment, just like my parents always mention it to me. Now I hold a Mechanical Engineering degree, that's because of my parents.

Since I want my son to have a higher education that I already have, I try to earn more money just for one goal: my son's educations. I want him to study aboard chasing for qualities, but tuitions and expenses are things among list of constraints. Desperately searched for student loans I found, a website that is dedicated to give a right informations on loans specially for students, private student loans even a student loan consolidation.

I have applied online for student loans via their website for preliminary approval, I hope the will gimme solution for student loans because it's my son's future I hold!