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Monday, March 31, 2008

Save money on ink cartridge or toner cartridge

The first thing I considered before bought Canon printer a year back was its quality and its operational cost. Since I would use it for my digital printing business, Use of this printer was feasible enough.

But later I found that my calculation was not 100% proven right, I had to spend huge amount of money per month to buy new 'branded' ink cartridges, when my ink were low. I started to find a better solution to get rid of this situation, I need a cheaper ink cartridge but with the same printing quality as I branded ink cartridge.

Fortunately I found the solution instantly, I guess it because inkers.biz is famously know over the net for their ink cartridges, toner cartridges, solid ink and faximile supplies inventories and no one can beat their services and prices! From my judgment, this site provides cheaper writing supplies as I said above, but evenmore interesting is their service. All of Inkers toner and ink cartridges are 100% guaranteed against defect for one full year and even have a thirty day no questions asked return policy. Inkers delivers free ground shipping and usually ships your toner and ink cartridges the same day as ordered.

I recalculated my budget to spend on their compatible ink cartridges or compatible toner cartridges, and my calculator displayed that I save up to 80% on it, and may be more because I did not calculate how much I save money and time having the products delivered to my house!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

I believe every parents love their children, and every family love their members. Also there's an old quote says that grandmother loves their grandchild more that she does to her own children, and I think this old quote may be true as I see how my mom's feeling to my kid.

Having a young kid sometimes need an extra attention, specially due the fact that a 5 years old kid's mind is different than 30 years old parents' mind. Parents want their kids to stay in sight, but sometimes kid disobey it and go to elsewhere place that force parents to find it instantly, it's not a game at all. I myself sometimes want to have a surveilance camera around my tiny house, just to keep my kid in my sight.

Somewhere on the net I also read that in US there's a child missing in every 40 seconds, and this fact is not so good for me as parents, although I live far away from US but definitely we need to prepare the unexpected, because child safety is something we are always aware of!

Speaking about to prepare the unexpected, on my surfing later this day, I found a great gadget that is designated to help parents find their child and reduce the amount of time that a child is away from home, it's truly a well designed system for storing children's critical informations, such as: photos, fingerprints, dental records, identifying marks, dna analysis reports, biographical info. A fully automated missing child poster that can be printed, or distributed electronically via email when a parents activates an alert, is only a fraction of Child Alert System kids which you can buy via childalertsystem.com.

With this system, missing children reports will be generated instantly based on parents alerts, and it will increase chance to find the children because informations about him/her are generated automatically and spreaded instantly via website and email along with child id.

It's not only single child locator, but there are many eyes will look after them automatically if the child is not coming home in a certain given time and parents initiates the alert!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Education: a Long term investment

My parents are well educated persons, they are all graduated from reputable universities, both of them hold MSc title. Being son of well educated parents make me aware that good education is a long term investment, just like my parents always mention it to me. Now I hold a Mechanical Engineering degree, that's because of my parents.

Since I want my son to have a higher education that I already have, I try to earn more money just for one goal: my son's educations. I want him to study aboard chasing for qualities, but tuitions and expenses are things among list of constraints. Desperately searched for student loans I found nexstudent.com, a website that is dedicated to give a right informations on loans specially for students, private student loans even a student loan consolidation.

I have applied online for student loans via their website for preliminary approval, I hope the will gimme solution for student loans because it's my son's future I hold!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Better contact the pro for exhibitions and tradeshows needs

Exhibitions are among ways that companies are taken to get their brandname populated and market their products. Participating into some exhibitions, mostly will deeply impact into their sales and in the same time companies gain attention from prospect buyers and also provides shock therapy to their rivals.

Participating into some exbitions are just like building buzz in virtual world, the only difference is, exhibitions are in the real world, real people will visit participant booths to see products and services. The better the exhibition preparations the better their brandname populated to people, it's also likely will raise the sales .. sooner or later!

How good is a company performance in an exhibition, also are depend on how accurate they choose exhibitions properties, many companies are failed to display their products in an astounding ways, just because they choose the incorrect properties. Well, that's a very bad news, since there are lots of proffessionals that devote their talents and skills on building the best properties for trade show exhibits.

Take a look this website that solely provides all trade show displays and booths needs, camelbackdisplays.com! After visit that website, ask yourself what requirements for trade shows and exhibitions you need that is not available there. I doubt you can find one, because you can see wide range of truss, flooring, table covers and tablecloths, banner stands, trade show furniture, pipe and drape, stages, canopy, lights and more!

So if you don't want to dishonour your company brand name in exbition or tradeshow, better contact the pro!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

ShopWiki -- the shoppers gear !

For you that love to shop online, shopwiki.com maybe is a website that you've been looking to ease your shopping process to get best deals and redefine your shopping experience. ShopWiki is a website that provides shopping search engine, designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. It is, so far the only shopping search engine that combines advanced Web-crawling technology with consumer-written wiki.

Shopwiki crawls more than 200.000 online stores and gives results about 250 million products in their inventory to ensure customers will find the products they want at best prices. Customers can search products by categories and can be refined narrower by price range, brand, sites, color and so on.

Members of ShopWiki can create wiki for any products, add products, edit products and provide review of certain items so they can help other members, visitors or customers. Video reviews are also available for you that love to see video version instead of writing version.

With its large products inventory, you can find any products you've always wanted, such as accessories at discount price, good deals on home and garden or even babies and toddlers at lower price!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

London for Shopping

I see and heard some people go abroad just for shopping because there are so many discounts applied to various items on shopping store. And the discounts are a real discounts, unlike here, price are increased and then they put a label on it, says that the stuff are discounted. However the final price after discount applied will be the same as the price before increased!

Some people love go to London and visit Knightsbridge Shopping because it is within their destination. Also public transport in London is great and some says that it is one of the most affordable and reliable public transportation in whole world. You can easily reach London Airports because there are many trains to London from Airports, and to other destinations.

According to cheaperthanhotels.co.uk, aside of public transportation that is very affordable, London also has so many great hotels, take these pages as example: Knightsbridge Hotels London, Central London Hotels, London Paddington Hotels. For you that still unaware of website I mentioned above, it's a website that provides various hotel informations in all over the world, with an online booking features that will provide the most affordable hotels in their destination. The website also provides informations on public transportation, tourist destinations etc, including information on London Heathow Accomodation and London Gatwick Accomodation.

So if you would like to try London shopping sales, you better hurry!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Because no one can predict future

There are ups and downs in life, there are days in life we gain so much money in our pocket but there are also days when we absolutely don't have anything left in our pockets, bank savings or home savings. Meanwhile in the same time we require instant money that needs immediate attentions because say .. sick of family member, accident other instances. Friends and families or relatives may be are the next people you can count on, but who's/what's next if they also don't have money or have nothing to offer?

That's why I keep saying to my wife that having hot sell item inside house is very important. Jewelry, gold, diamond and watch are hot item that can be sell instantly during financial emergency situations, especialy if there are no better options to be chosen. Jewelries are tend to have a stable price year by year (if it's not increasing), it small hence it does not need a big storage to keep and it is usually sold fast, just as fast as if we are selling motorcycle or cellular phone.

It's also very easy to sell jewelry, a lot of jewelry buyers and diamond buyers open their shop on down town, and just go to one of those buyer (or go to as many as buyers to take offers from as many as buyers) let them verify, and they will give offer for the jewelry. That easy.

There are also many online websites that offers buying-selling watches, jewelry, diamond etc. Steps that must be takes to sell the jewelry/watch/diamond also as easy as when we sell it offline direct to the market. One of the trusted selling-buying jewelry website write 3 easy steps on it, which are: get online quote, request pre labeled easy ship box and mail in the item, let them verify item and contact seller.

From my opinion, investing money in Jewelries, Watches and diamonds are a good option to backup your fund because noone of us can predict the future.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Corfu Traveling Guide

One of the sort vital prepation before doing trip whether it's abroad or domestic is knowing detail guide to all information on the trip destination. Knowing this information before you take trip absolutely will make you know what sort of stuff have to be brought, what would happen there, what place to visit and how to enjoy the all traveling scene including to enjoy the place you're staying during the traveling.

When it comes to Corfu, Greek Island located in Lonian Sea lying off the coast of Albania, place that provides such informations is FantasticGreece.com. At this site, you can find information such as Corfu's hotels availability, hotel rates, transportation from and to the hotel, where to find the best affordable transport, car rental services, lodging guide and even the dining guide!.

It's simple that to find suitable accomodation in Corfu can never be easier, thanks to FantasticGreece.com.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

What about everyday vacation in Hawaii?

A lot of travellers and vacationers may be can not deny the fact that Hawaii is one of the tourists paradise, and the most sought by people when it comes to exotic beach, scuba diving, and volcano air tour. Their magnet of attraction is so strong specially for people that have been there for their vacation, without a doubt they are willing to come again over and over again just to see the exotic sunset in Hawaii, Maui or Kauai.

How about to have residence there, instead of to rent everytime you go there? I read later in this day, a news from real estate news that at the Hawaii Realtor website provides accurate informations on Hawaii Real Estate Listings on Every Island that is easy to use and navigaite through property searches. But there are not only real estate the provide information on, they also list the finest homes, condos an even land for sale.

One of the biggest Island in the territory after Hawaii which is Maui that also known as 'The Magical Isles' also is under their listing when it comes to homes for sale. So for you that is looking for Maui homes for sale you'll likely will find what you're looking for after visiting the said website, which is the trusted website for Hawaii Realtor!.

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Holiday Whistler

Having vacation in in a sub zero degree have been my dream since I was kid until now I have kid. Since I'm living in a tropical country a sub zero degree-vacation is nearly impossible, there are few place here that have such degree that would be the highest mountain here and I won't go there because it needs around a week hiking .. wheew.

So, watching sub zero degree movie like 'Vertical Horizon' and 'Cliffhanger' and surfing on the net for ski vacation places like holidaywhistler.com has been my hobbies eversince. And if I have a chance and budget to visit and enjoy the snow and ski sport, I likely will visit holidaywhistler.com that provides Whistler accommodation as they stated in their pages.

At the site, Whistler condo rental are available widely for tourists and people all around the world who want to have a nice memorable vacation with their loved ones. The page provide a comprehension Whistler Lodging search and Whistler Accomodation Search to ease those who want to spend their holiday find their favorite place to spend on in the holiday at Whistler. The search process also is an easy to do process, just supply property details (number of bedrooms, number of people and Ski in/out) and the Vacation Dates.

And since I married and I have one child, if I have a chance, I'd love to spend my night in Northstar 134 which have one bedroom with spacious unit in prime village location.

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