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Tuesday, April 1, 2008 -- free broadband!

For you that have to pay some amount of money just to get a very slow internet connection as I do, you'll be jealous with packages from, because every package they offer publicly, features Free Broadband as their default 'bonus' to consumers.

Up to 8 megabytes per second connection speed sounds great, specially, this high speed broadband is free, because I have to pay around £27 ONLY for as low as 7-12 kbps unreliable internet connection per month and still being charged for around £10 for phone cost!

With the sum of my internet connection and phone cost above, I could have a Talk Total Anytime Call plan (£24.99) from, with free but fast broadband, 40 GB per month quota, free modem, and ofcourse Free landline calls!

Unfortunately those plans are only available in UK, but I'm sure someday their packages will go internationally!


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