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Friday, April 4, 2008


Although Fariz RM is in jail, I still love his song, especially his song entitled "Barcelona"

Sparkling Lights In Center Town
Atmosphere Of Flamenco Sounds
Drifting All Around
Here I Sit By My Side Alone
Watch The Feet As A Rollin` Down
City Alley Street

And When I Realize
Somebody Catch My Eyes
Ask Me To Dance Her Style
She Said “Quiere Listed Bailar Conmigo?”

“Quiere Darme Su Direccion Senorita”
Would You Take Me To Come Along
With You Tonight
“Como Se Pronucia Mi Amore?”
I Just Want You To Know
My Heart Feels Bright

Cause Tomorrow I Must Go
But My Promises Will Show
That I`ll Be Back For Love That Grow
And The Romance That I Had Found
Tonight In Barcelona

So Would You Kiss Me, Hold Me Tight
Dance Through The Night
Take Me To All Your Fantasies
And I Will Still Remember
Nights We Left Barcelona

“Lo Siento Mucho Why You Say So”
Cause I Have To Leave You For Times
That I Don`t Know
Drop Of Tears Couldn`t Stop Me From Cryin`
In My Heart There Will Be No Time To Be As One

Those Nights Had Run So Fast
Stories That Couldn`t Last
Our Times Will Spent The Rest
Of Love From Me And You
The Nights In Barcelona

[Back To Reff, Bridge]

“Hasta La Vista Mi Amor”
Kiss Me Goodbye
Show Me Your Promises Of Love
And I Will Still Remember
Nights We Left In Barcelona

Nights We Left In Barcelona
Barcelona …Yeah …