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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hang around in London and Dublin

I love travelling, although some say that it's a time and money consuming hobby, but for me it's a memorable moment to visit many places and learn and interact socially with locals. And I will do anything to getaway from home and visit places that I've never visited it before.

I always want to go to London, because my sister in law has lived there once, and told me how great is London. She told many tourist destination that worth visited such as Tower of London and British Museum and also British Airways London Eye. But she also warn me to spend money and time wisely there If I go there, and suggest me to stay in one of the inexpensive London Hotels, and if it's needed she wants me to make online hotel reservation before I go to London.

Dublin is the next place in my mind If I could visit London, inspired by Harisson Ford and Brad Pitt movie, "Devil's Own" I really want to be there sometime, I love their English accent, it's very difficult to understand though. I'm sure there are many good but not so-expensive Dublin Hotels for me to stay, and I would prefer hotel near downtown so in the night I can mix and mingle with the locals.

You see? Although it's really time and money consuming, I will memorize the moment an all my live .. If I could REALLY go there..