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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Centrro -- Shop for products that fit before applying

Is it awesome, to anonymously shop for products that fit our specific credit profile, even before applying? Of course it is! I'm talking about how to get a loan with Centrro by searching first on their loadn search page. By getting informations first on certain type of loan, we as a consumers will get exactly what we want and lenders get higher approval rates from our applications.

Centrro, which is a vertical search engine designed to help consumers find personal financial products that best fit consumer's unique needs, also offers an easy way to get a credit card with Centrro. As of this writing, I find 50 offers of credit card on their credit card page, including Capital One, Citi Professional and Chase Flexible Rewards Platinum Visa.

There are some interesting fact about mortgage and credit card on their site, too much to write here, thus I encourage you to visit Centrro.com for detailed informations.