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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Elite Force Marine Humvee Military Vehicle model

Elite Force Marine Humvee Military Vehicle model

This is a highly detailed model toy of the Marines’ Humvee in six inches tall plus action figure that is manufactured by AM Corporation, the military version of the Humvee is available in a wide range of configurations, allowing it to fulfill a variety of purposes. The U.S. Marines presently employ the vehicle in for reconnaissance, assault and recovery operations. Set includes Hummer vehicle, tow with tripod and action figure.

All 4 doors open and close, although they could snap shut better. With some careful effort, the doors can be removed and replaced. It seats 4 figures.

On the roof is a TOW missile launcher turret with an articulated hatch. It spins 360 degrees and the TOW launcher itself moves up and down. A figure can be placed in the turret without interfering with any figures inside. The TOW can be easily removed, and a tripod is provided for it to be placed on the ground. It does not come with any ammunition for the weapon.

The trunk in the back of the vehicle opens for additional storage space. It can fit another figure of a good amount of weapons & gear. When fully open, the trunk stays propped up by itself.

While the wheels all rotate freely, there is no turn motion for the front axle. Wheel position is locked. This is a hard-top Humvee: the roof cannot be removed.